Geared Motor

We offer PEC Geared Motor, which are available in various specifications such as 0.6 HP to 500 HP, output 0.01 RPM to 500 RPM and torque range upto 45,000 KGM. Some of the special features of these motors is high efficiency, compact design, robust design and wide range of reduction ratios. High in quality and performance, these motors can be designed as per customer requirements such as Speed Geared Box, Electromagnetic Brake Geared Motors, Helibevel Geared Motors, Flameproof, Custom Built Geared Motors and more. These motors have found various usages in different applications such as wind mills, plastics, textile, machine tools, paper, cement, pharmaceuticals, leather and more.
Reduction Ratio - 3 : 1 To 5000 : 1
Mounting - Foot / Flange / Agitator / Shaft Mounted
Input - 0.18 Kw To 50 Kw
Output RPM - 0.01 To 500
Orientation - Vertical / Horizontal
Torque Rating - 20 Nm To 100000 Nm