Helical Geared Motors / Gear Boxes, Inline Gearbox, Helical Gear Box, Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Box, Crane Duty Hollow Shaft Helical Gear Box, Crane Duty Helical Gear Box

Helical Geared Motors / Gear Boxes

Our Geared Motors are manufactured with output ranging size 0.18 KW (0.25 HP) to 75 KW (100 HP) capacity & having RPM from 0.1 to 700 RPM. Units available in standard as well as 'Custom Built' in Horizontal foot & flange mounted type construction. Low RPM geared motors are also offered on request. All parts / components are thoroughly inspected during & after manufacturing process. Quality grade materials procurement sturdiness, rigid enclosed & oil tight construction of housing to withstand with the application in the working & for easy maintenance. Our Helical Geared Motors are suitable for various application to meet requirement of different industries.

SPECIAL FEATURES : GEARED MOTORS : We supply geared motors as per customer's specific requirements such as Dual Speed, Electromagnetic Brake Geared Motor, Flame Proof, High Torque Characteristics, Frequent Start/Stop operations, Agitator duty Units.

The table shows the maximum uniform power and torque that may be transmitted continuously for 8 to 10 hours per day. It is based on wear & strength of the gearing & the working life & antifriction bearings. The ratings are based on a service factor of 1.00. This factor does however only effect the gear size but not motor-size & rated capacity combining different gear boxes with the motor size provides a higher safety factors.

Inline Gearbox

The Helical Gear Boxes offered by us are sturdy and compact speed reducers, which work on the simple planetary principle used for high torque requirement. High in performance and efficiency, these drives are based on modular design, with nominal rated torque value, with various reduction ratios. The specifications of this product is given below :-
Technical Specification :
Torque capacity - 100 Nm to 10,00,000Nm
Reduction Ratio - 3.48:1 Onwards
Power Rating - 0.18 kw to 200 kw
Mounting Type - Foot / Flange /Agitator

Helical Gear Box

We put forward a supreme range of Standard Helical Gear Boxes and Geared Motors that are based on advance technology and manufactured using high quality material. These accurately designed gear boxes are available in 0.25 HP to 20 HP capacities and can also be provided in custom made specifications. Our customers admire these products for their optimal performance and unique design, which makes them suitable to be used in general engineering industries such as textile, food, cement, material handling and many more.

Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Box

Range : Centre Distance Single Stage upto 400mm.
Centre Distance : 400mm at final stage.
Ratio : UPTO 630:1
Types : Single two, three & 4 stage.

Crane Duty Hollow Shaft Helical Gear Box

Fabricated Steel Body
Range : Centre Distance Input to Output Upto 1100mm.
Ratio : UPTO 630:1 , For Hoisting, L.T. & C.T.

Crane Duty Helical Gear Box

Range : Centre Distance Single Stage upto 400mm.
Centre Distance : 400mm at final stage.
Ratio : UPTO 630:1
Types : Single two, three & 4 stage.