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We offer high performance and reliable FLAME PROOF mechanical speed variators, which are based on a mechanism that optimizes the operation, extending the lifetime of the core parts, and allows the speed variator to run cooler and smoother. These are available in range from 0.1 RPM to 3200 RPM, from 0.18 KW to 3.7 KW capacity. These deliver speed variation from 1.5 RPM to 7.5 RPM, 2 RPM to 10 RPM, 4 RPM to 20 RPM, 8 RPM to 40 RPM, 13 RPM to 65 RPM, 20 RPM to 100 RPM, 40 RPM to 200 RPM and 640 RPM to 3200 RPM. Some of the special features of our mechanical speed variators is jerk less smooth start, step less speed variation and variable torque application. These variators are supplied with worm gear box and helical gear box.